About Us


I'm Cass, I live in a small country town in the central west, I am a mother of three beautiful free spirited children & wife to an amazing supportive husband. I started this crystal & self-care business about 2 years ago with the intention of moving away from my busy & hectic hairdressing career. While being in lockdown I quickly realized that spending more time with my family was way more important to me, thus Dust, Rocks & auras was born! 

My love for crystal started when I was small, everything about them fascinated me, from colours to forms. I only thought it was suited for me to turn my love for such incredible earth treasures into a business. I have completed courses in crystal knowledge along with my Reiki 1, 2 & masters & crystal healings. 

My calling is to help others find their inner self-love & light using the gifts from Mother Nature. If you are on your spiritual healing path like I was years ago or need some self-care tools then I would love to connect with you and help guide you on your way.